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Y'know the shit you could buy with 20$?
Something decent.
In my case it would go into funding some new notebooks and art pens.

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Smokey. H
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

What is there to know about a cyborg hyena?

I tend to type too much, and I am sorry. At least that means I put thought and consideration into what I say, though you may not think so, nor appreciate it.
My main purpose is to post up art and writing as it shows up, and diligently post until the end of the world. As of now, the whole experience has brought me nothing but tear jerking joy and internal bruising.
So far, I have found
Character/Creature Conceptual art
Writing (looking into scripts too)
Sound Design/Music (though by the tiniest hair)
Video Editing
Surreal/Horror (labeled) art
to really be my shtick these days.
I don't get paid anything, because half the time I'm practicing, and the half I'm making stuff for my friends or through blood-signed agreements,
I would like to start my grand adventure by making cd or book covers,
designing characters for short films OR doing some sound work for a short film.
Some chocolate coins wouldn't hurt, maybe I wouldn't have to (SOPA)
so send a note if you want or desperately need a cyborghyena to mix blood and milk for the project.

These selfless boxes are my betters, and my friends.
They keep this shanty kingdom from both collapsing, and re-introducing the Plagues to mankind. Go to them.

:iconaidanfullocomicz: --- My best source of Aids
:iconjocomjg64: --- Like a funky sweet mixture of Dan Paladin and Chinese Candy
  • Mood: Adoration
  • Listening to: nothing today yet
  • Reading: Assortment of Buks
  • Watching: Some movies an shit
  • Playing: The Darkness, Black and White 2
  • Eating: soop
  • Drinking: pepsi
Tagged by Jocomjg64  :iconjocomjg64: case that needs rephrasing I haven't been tagged in YEARS, by anyone, so this might be a good sign!

mah questions:
1. Favorite visual artist?
If I lied and said I had one favorite artist, that artist would be J.V, no denying.
But it just ain't true, I also look up to the likes of Jamie Hewlett, Gris Grimly, and Ralph Steadman.
Beyond this I have been inspired by DeviantArt artists, like Lilyfer and FaceRot.

2. Favorite television channel?
I don't watch TV anymore, not like how I used to. (which wasn't much considering that most of TV is garbage)
If my past favorite channels weren't lined with pure shit these days I would probably say Sci-Fi (now sy-fy,... retards) and CN.

3. Favorite musical artist?
Another hard one, my musical tastes tend to go everywhere..
I grew up with Gorrilaz, and that's something that's bound to me. Cage the Elephant is something I later found, and the words and mood
really jives with me feels. The Magnetic Zeros are reletively a recent find, but there's something in those songs, similar to CageTTfont
that I can connect to. The rest are a jumble of mixed well known artists that I listen to every now and then, Trip Hop is a genre that
I'm getting into, thanks to my love for soundtrack music which brought me to Silent Hill music naturally. The rest speaks for itself,
SoundTrack music...

4. What would you buy with all the money in the world if you could only buy one thing?
The things I want most can't be bought, such as finishing my book, getting better at my craft, or even being able to study how something
is made. Sure money can help, but it doesn't promise an outcome. I guess if I could buy one thing with all the money in the world, it
would be being able to live comforably, without worrying over nessecities.

5. Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?
Flying, I hate being up high or the feeling of motion, but out of the two, flying would be my choice. Then I could sit on the roof
whenever I wanted, and live out all my gargoyle dreams!

6. Are you an inside or outside person?
Inside, like a stereotypical city kid. I can't be out in nature that long if there are bugs around, and/or hot with much work involved.
I like being outside when it's cool and not much is needed of me, so I can explore at my own pace.

7. Cartoony graphics in video games or realistic graphics?
I prefer cartoony, BUT as long as it isn't half assed with a cheesey thick black outline around the models with forced saturation like
The Darkness 2, something can balance realism with style like the first game to said sequel and Halo 3, borderlands is a GOOD example of
this method- that everyone else is running with. So I suppose I prefer Cartoony, or Exaggerated realism.

8. Favorite color?
a greyish blue

9. What kind of weather do you like?
Rainy, day in and day out.

10. What events took place in your most recent dream remembered?
I remember most dreams I have, so let's use last night's dream:
I woke up in a mental hospitol after discussing, ironicly enough) with my family on a road trip passing an old run down asylum that I
don't have good memories of these kinds of places. (a REALLY long story behind that alone, let's just say, I dream of these places quite
a bit) My head is completely covered in bandages, and this is where hell starts. Chained to a bed, I am essentially brainwashed for what
feels like days, maybe even weeks. My voice changes, my eyes change colors, while in my mind I really want to believe that this is being
done for my own good, perhaps for something I did- it feels like I'm becoming more malovolent than healed if that was the purpose in
question. Time seems to stop when on the radio a supposed serial killer is on his way to our building, and he does arrive, the surprise
to me was that this was someone I knew in real life, someone who I found mind numbingly shallow. He announced that by the time he was
caught, everyone in the building would be dead, then goes after an old lady. I realize that this probably sounds funnier than it was...
I try stopping him, I get killed, I wake up. Tommorrow is another day.

Here my Q's
1. What is an average dream to you?
2. How do you feel about living in a world as controlled as ours?
3. What do you think about this?- Many people don't believe in UFOs, but how are we supposed to react to NASA creating a flying saucer of all things? 
4. Favorite movie monsters?
5. What's your Chinese Zodiac animal?
6. Why does everything have Anime eyes?
7. Pull a quote out of your ass!
8. Ever skinned a bagel?
9. Worst game you ever played to date?
10. What do you find scary?

Anyone of my audience of a potential 3 can count themselves as tagged, if they give a shit.

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